P n P FTW!

I finally got around to watching my Blu-Ray of A&E's Pride and Prejudice on Friday. Man, it just gets better and better every time. The chemistry between Darcy and Elizabeth is white hot and they barely hold hands. All I have to say is take f**king notes, Paris and Helen. Or, more to the point, Liz and Darcy from the Keira Knightley version, or as I will now call it Diet P n P (also, Diet Darcy is in Frost/Nixon, which was a surprisingly well-crafted movie). Seriously, check it out:

And, because I am a cheap, shallow, wanton sort of girl,

You could argue that this part represents Darcy stripping off the constraints of a stifling code of conduct and society that has dictated his choices and behavior throughout his entire life, or you could realize it for what it is: Colin Firth stripping down (hee!).

And, and! I finally am getting around to reading the book. It's true what y'all said last time: every single scene made it into the movie. Not every line of dialogue, per se, but every scene. No wonder it's five hours and 23 minutes. I mean, it's rare for a movie or even a mini-series to attempt the scope of a book like that.

Holy crap! Someone put the entire thing on YouTube!!!
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Repression in Hi-Def

I got a coupon in the mail for 50% off any Blu-Ray movie at Border's. I went up and browsed their collection. I thought about Narnia. I thought about Nightmare Before Christmas. But when I saw Pride and Prejudice, I knew it wasn't even a question...


Slings n' Arrows

I watched all of S1 Slings & Arrows yesterday. OMG, it is so awesome. And yes, that is pretty much exactly what working in a theater is like, although the Hangar Theatre is quite a bit smaller than the theater in the show. But in the first episode, when Oliver is talking about the bleats of the sheep giving the scene its comedy, I LMAO because I've definitely seen directors do that sort of thing.

Anyway, I added S2 and S3 to my Netflix queue and am looking forward to them...
One chapter behind

Hear ye, hear ye!

My fitness blog is being moved to a wordpress blog called "Coughing Sparks," as in, I'm not breathing fire quite yet; I'm just coughing sparks. So if any of you are following this, that's where it's moving to.

You may go back to your regularly scheduled programming now.

Tonight, we dine in HECK!

I had a lovely weekend with linaerys. We grilled steak (and by "we" I mean "I"), mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, and onions, then drank wine and watched 300, which she had never seen, and called "beautifully-shot battle porn."

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Today is truly going to be a rest day. I'm not doing anything physical, other than I had planted all of my new container plants. Other than that, I am going to rest everything, because everything hurts.

You can say what you want about 300 but 1.) There is a lot of eye candy 2.) It inspires me to do Crossfit 3.) The soundtrack is great. I actually downloaded it and it is full of cool stuff like middle eastern drums, electric guitar, electric violin, and other goodies.

Just call me Slug Girl

I don't know what has happened to all of my energy. I overslept yesterday and didn't wake up until 2:15 pm, which is OK for a work day but sort of sucks for an off day, especially since I had to be up early today for meetings. So I took two Benadryl and a Flexeril, which knocked me out by midnight, so my day was literally ten hours long yesterday. Today, I got up early, spent the first half of the day at the hospital, mostly with the meetings and housekeeping things I can only do there during the day. Then I came home and fell asleep in my chair for about three hours. I woke up and went to the gym,

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I was disappointed that I had slept all afternoon because I had been hoping to kayak to the gym, as both my house and the gym are on the same body of water. But by the time I got moving it was 4 pm, and I had to go to the store too, and cook dinner, so it didn't happen.

Pretty Cunnin'

Rest day

I no longer follow the WOD as it goes because I have to practice what I have learned. I do, however, take periodic rest days. Today was one. thelostgm bought us both kayaks, red ones made out of molded plastic. We took them on their maiden voyage today, launching above the fish ladder, in the creek that is the source of the inlet to Cayuga Lake. The sky was threatening, but it didn't rain while we were out. We saw four great blue heron. Actually, that's not true: we saw the same great blue heron four times. We saw wood ducks and Mallard ducklings and their parents. It rained all night so the river was high and fast, so we fought the current all the way up and had to portage around trees a couple of times. But it was insanely pretty and about two feet from our back door.

Back to the gym tomorrow.

P.S., See Star Trek, it's freaking awesome.